Seller Express Home Listing Package

List your home for $0 now.  Pay one low rate when you close. Cancel at any time.  

 You're in the driver's seat! 

Finally, home marketing services that puts you in the driver's seat!  We list your home on the MLS for free. Pay us 1% when we successfully sell your home.  You choose what additional marketing services that you need and we will take care of the rest!

Seller Express Home Listing Package

Selling your home just got a little easier.  You can test the market without having to commit to a long term contract or high priced commissions.  If you just want to get your home in front of millions of buyers, then the Express Seller Home Listing Package is right for you.

We will list your home not only on the MLS but syndicate your listing to over 80+ websites including Zillow, Trulia and  Not only those websites but other popular real estate sites like Redfin,,, and many more,  exposing your home to millions of potential buyers worldwide.

This service is a part of our "A' La Carte Home Listing" series.  You can choose to add additional marketing services to get your home sold faster.

  • You set your listing price and decide how much commission to pay the buyer's Agent.

  • Submit your photos to us online and we will professionally edit up to 25 photos on your behalf.

  • Easily modify your listing online or by sending us an email for free.

  • Your home is listed on the MLS within 24 hours of you signing up.

  • 'For Sale' yard sign and combination lockbox included.

  • Your home will also be listed on other popular 3rd party websites like, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and more with 48 business hours after being listed on the MLS

  • Your home will even be listed on big name real estate company websites such as Century 21, Keller Williams and Re/max

  • Free home warranty included while your property is listed.  Click here to learn more.

  • You choose when to show your home and schedule all of the showings through our showing app, online or by phone.

  • Track feedback from buyers through your scheduling app.

  • We negotiate your contract directly with potential buyers or their Agents

  • We manage your transaction, prepare your contract documents and connect you with our preferred closing attorney.  

We put you back in the driver's seat in marketing your home with our Seller Express Home Listing Package.  Get your home sold quickly by signing up today!

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Cancellation Policy

You can cancel this service at any time in writing by sending us an email.  If you choose to cancel the listing prior to the listing expiration date, then you agree to pay an additional $25 listing withdrawal fee.  This fee is charged to our firm by the MLS.   If your property is under contract, your listing cannot be cancelled Your listing will terminate automatically once the property has sold.  No additional fees will be due at that time. Click here for more information.

Earnest Money Policy

Once your property goes under contract, the buyer will apply an earnest money check to your transaction to show good faith. Our firm does not hold buyer earnest money.  It is our suggestion that you allow the buyer's Agent's office to hold the earnest money or place the earnest money with your closing attorney.

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