How to Write a Listing Description Using Trigger Words 

Learn how to write a killer listing description for your

Seller Express Home Listing Package.

 Describe your home using words that 
will make the reader want to take action.

You have a product to sell and that product is your home.  How you describe your "product" to potential buyers will be crucial to getting your home sold quickly.

But what do you say?  How do you compel a buyer to come visit your home a place an offer with your words?  This article will help you get there - one trigger word at a time.

Tell a story.

When describing your home, you need to tell a story.  The commercials that we see on TV nowadays all have a narrative to sell their products.  You can tell a narrative by describing what it's like living in your home.  When Buyers walk through the front door, how will they be greeted?  Is it tranquil?  Is it serene?  Will it be their private oasis after a long day of work?

How do you feel about your home?  What makes it unique?  All of these things need to be mentioned when you write your description.  

Take them from room to room, describe it all.  How does the sun come in and play off of the brightness of the freshly painted walls?  How does the carpet feel between your toes?  How will the open concept floor plan be perfect for entertaining?  Make sure you describe every minute detail of every room including the materials that were used.  If there's marble, tell the Buyer that's there's a white and gray marble.  If there's granite, describe the tan speckled granite. 

There will be a 768 character limit on what can be posted on the MLS but write it all out first then cut back on your description once it is completed.  You're going to want to keep your entire description for later use so don't trash what can't be used on the MLS just yet.

Use your words to describe something that you may find mundane into something luxurious.  "Come and relax in your very own soaking tub" sounds better than "Come and relax in your very own bath tub."  How can you use your words to describe a common object in a different way?

Use Trigger Words.

Trigger words such as these should be used in your description:

  1.  Upgraded or renovated

  2.  Custom or built-in

  3.  Hardwood floors

  4.  Stainless steel appliances

  5.  Granite

  6.  Beautiful

  7.  Privacy

  8.  Well-maintained

  9.  Lots of storage

  10.  Mention the brand names of your appliances: Sub Zero, Viking, Miele, Bosch, Whirlpool

  11.  Freshly painted

  12.  Close to schools

  13.  Move-in condition

  14.  Natural light

  15.  Centrally located

  16.  Energy efficient

  17.  Gentile - when describing the landscape

  18.  Landscaped

  19.  Captivating

  20.  Luxurious

  21.  Immaculate

Talk about your neighborhood

Describe what it is like to live in your neighborhood.  Are there bike trails or is there a high walk-score?  Talk about all of the upcoming neighborhood improvements that will quickly add value now and over time which will create a sense of urgency for the buyer.  They will feel like they need to buy your home now while it's still a good deal. 


People just aren't buying your home, but they are buying your neighborhood as well.  Talk about how your friendly your neighbors are and how they keep their yards clean.  Talk about how quiet it is and how much traffic you don't get.  All of these things add to the curb appeal of your home.

If you're not a writer already or have trouble writing, then when writing your listing description, you may want to walk room to room or write in a quiet place with your favorite warm beverage.  Write with emotion, write with feeling.  You can entice Buyers to visit your home with a great description and photos.  Get started today!

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