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Lease Purchasing Just Got Easier

 Discover How You Can Lease Purchase Your Way To Home Ownership

Lease purchasing has changed so much over the years.  There are now mortgage companies that will buy the home of your choosing for you, help you to improve your credit and save towards the purchase of the home. 


These programs are designed to help you build wealth by putting you in a better position financially through lease purchasing your way to home ownership. 

Here Are The Program Benefits:

  • You get to choose from any home that's for sale on the market. 

  • Choose your lease term up to 3 years while building equity credits each month.

  • Low down payment and credit score requirements. 

  • No closing costs or application fees.

  • Fast approval process in as little as 24 hours.

  • Each month your lease payment is reported to the credit bureaus helping to improve your credit score.

Here's How You Qualify:

  • Applicants must be fully employed for the last 12 months (multiple jobs are ok)

  • Minimum monthly income of $2,500

  • 550 minimum credit score

  • 2% or a $1,300 minimum in savings used for a down payment

  • If you have declared bankruptcy in the past, the bankruptcy must have been discharged over 12 months ago.

Get Started Now!

The pre-approval process has never been easier. Get pre-approved fast in as little as 24 hours.  

Read About These Success Stories:

Ann & Amy D.

We didn't know just how much having a new baby would affect our dreams of buying a house. Instead of putting it off, we were able to lease purchase the home of our dreams.

Tamika R.

It's hard living on a teacher's salary let alone setting aside extra to save for a down payment.  Lease purchasing was my only option.  It has helped me buy my new home and save for a down payment.

Julian T.

I didn't have the best credit and was being relocated to Atlanta for work. I know that I didn't want to rent but the possibility of owning didn't seem possible until I found this program.